Thursday, February 28, 2013

Julep Maven Cupid's Mystery Box Review

When I saw that Julep was doing a Valentine's Day Mystery Box I jumped all over it.  Five colors?  For the same price as a monthly box ($19.99)?  Be still my beating heart...

I got the box a few weeks back (before V-day) but never got around to posting this.  It's my first mystery box from Julep, and even though I don't love all the colors in this one, I sense I'll be getting more of these...  For me, soooo many colors + the element of surprise is well worth the "risk" of getting something you might not love.

Speaking of love... the Valentine's Day colors that came in my box (from left to right): Maya, Lynn, Evangeline, Demi, and Lucy, plus lip gloss Camellia.  Now while most of these are lovely colors, the total effect of opening the box wasn't incredibly wow-ing.  Nude, nude, rust, red, redder...  I would have LOVED some neon pink or a different shade beyond the red family.  That said, there's some good stuff happening here.

The deets:

  • Maya (Classic With a Twist):  Peachy pink seashell, like a shimmering pearl.
  • Lynn (American Beauty): Nude, blush pearl.
  • Evangeline (mystery holo):  So mysterious it has no description on the Julep site.  I'll call it "rusty".  
  • Demi (Bombshell): Deep dark red crème.
  • Lucy (It Girl):  Modern, dark burgundy crème.
  • Camellia:  Baby pink gloss. 
I ended up picking Lynn to wear for for V-day week (I was traveling so didn't take any pics, sadly).  Not a bad color at all--but I'd call it "pale peach shimmer" not "nude, blush pearl".

Maya will probably find its way into someone else's stash--I'm not a fan of the frost (see Julep Amelia here... eh)--but otherwise I like all these colors.  And considering I skipped the regular February and March Julep boxes, I totally justify the $19.99 for this.

Keep your eyes peeled for more mystery boxes, but in the mean time you can check out the "real" Julep Maven subscription here.

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